The people who make it happen

Our team boasts some of the finest Architects, Engineers, Designers, Consultants and Contractors. Dating back three generations, we have members who have witnessed the changing times and with their vast knowledge and experience, we produce magnificent edifices as evidenced with our projects. Our team strives to create structures that suit the needs and styles of all.


Our Founders
  • Popatlal P. Shah
  • Mahendra P. Doshi
  • Damji P. Vora
Core Team
  • Naresh P. Shah
  • Hemal M. Doshi
  • Kalpesh D. Vora
  • Karan N. Shah
  • Sahil H. Doshi
  • Atul A. Rana
  • Bipin S. Barot
  • P. N. Bhobhe
  • Tarun Motta
Advocates & Solicitors
  • M/s. DSK Legal
  • M/s. Kantilal Underkut & Co.
  • M/s. K. Ashar & Co.
  • Mr. Sameer Sanghavi & Co. (Law Point)
Design Architects
  • Hafeez Contractor
  • Reza Kabul
  • Naresh Shah
Sales & Marketing
  • M/s. Balaji Real Estate & Properties
  • M/s. Hira Housing Agency
  • M/s. Happy Home Consultancy Services
  • M/s. Jai Balaji Real Estate
  • M/s. Mahavir Agency
  • M/s. New Bombay Housing Agency Pvt. Ltd.
RCC Consultants
  • Haresh Patel
  • Pravin Gala
  • JW Consultants LLP